Price Guide

Please note that the following prices are shown as a guide, albeit a close guide, only.

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Wedding / Evening Wear / Specialist

Shorten Straps (from)£ 17.50Style Alterations / Re-Design POA
Shorten Hem (from per layer)£ 35.00Appliques / Motifs / Beading POA
Take In (from)£ 35.00Repairs POA
Replace Zip With Lacing (from)£ 50.00Made To Measure POA
Replace Half Zip With Lacing (from)£ 35.00Attendant Service (from) £ 75.00

General Alterations

SkirtsJackets & Coats
Shorten Underskirt£ 17.50Sleeves Shortened (Unlined)£ 17.50
Shorten (Lined)£ 27.50Sleeves Shortened (Lined)£ 27.50
Shorten (Unlined)£ 17.50Sleeves Shortened (Vent)£ 30.00
Shorten (With Pleating)£ 25.00Sleeves Shortened (From Shoulder)£ 45.00
Alter Waist£ 22.50Shortened Hem (Unlined)£ 27.50
Take In Side Seams£ 20.00Shorten Hem (Lined)£ 32.50
Take In Side Seams With Zip£ 25.00Take In Side Seams£ 22.50
Lengthen With False Hem (from)£ 17.50Take In From Back£ 17.50
Button Hole£ 5.50
Leathers (all prices from…)
Shorten£ 9.50
Full Pocket£ 15.00Shorten Trouser Hem£ 17.50
Half Pocket£ 8.50New Trouser Zip£ 16.00
Alter Waist£ 22.50Take In Trouser (Unlined)£ 27.50
Lengthen With False
Hem (from)
£ 17.50Take In Trouser (Lined)£ 32.50
Shorten Hem With Tape£ 12.50Shorten Sleeves£ 27.50
Shorten Hem Lining£ 12.50Shorten Sleeves (Vent)£ 35.00
Shorten Sleeves (Cuff)£ 32.50
ZipsTake In Jacket£ 35.00
New Jacket Zip£ 38.50
Dress Concealed£ 19.50New Sleeve Zip£ 17.50
Dress£ 15.00MC Club Colours£ 40.00
Jeans£ 10.50Patches (per patch)£ 2.50
Trouser£ 10.50
Trouser Concealed£ 12.50Shirts / Blouse
Skirt£ 13.50
Coat < 25″£ 27.50Shorten Sleeves Plain£ 9.50
Coat > 25″£ 35.00Shorten Sleeve Cuff£ 12.50
Buttons / Studding£ 1.50Take In Side Seams£ 25.00
Adjust Darts£ 7.50
Add Darts£ 12.50